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Wow. It seems you can't swing a cat in any given Star Driver fan space without hitting a large, vocal group of Wako haters. Shit it's a female character, diss for your lives!!!1!!! I thought these kinds of mythical fans only existed in internet cautionary tales.

(I've come pretty much 180° in my feelings for this character, lol.)
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For all that I glamour Iain M. Banks, I'm bothered by many of his main characters. I guess it works out since his books don't really depend on them being likeable, but the lack of basic human courtesy starts getting old after a while. Asking a Banks protagonist for a simple favour like, say, closing a window is met with minimum of two pages of internal monologuing about how the task is stupid, the asker is stupid, and the social system that has lead to said request is stupid. And they are all so oddly sympathetic to all sorts of horrible ideas. I guess living in a utopia does that to a person.

The Culture's approach to gender identity and sexuality is also so strange. Banks speculates from the perspective of a straight cisgendered male (making assumptions here, but that's certainly what it feels like) and manages to get so many things dead wrong. (Assuming that the general Culture citizen is modeled after your everyday human being, which looks to be the case everywhere else.) People change sex (and "gender") according to a very strong binary model, and somehow almost all the sex anyone ever wants is heterosexual? You'd think that a people able to genetically alter themselves at will would be a bit more adventurous, but all of that seems to be limited to polygamy.

...Strangest of all, I don't actually find his portrayal offensive. It's naïve yet sophisticated enough if that makes any sense whatsoever, and it's not hateful at all, just biased and uninformed. Haven't seen much critique from the sci-fi community either, but apparently people think Forever War is sexually progressive, so who knows what the standards for this sort of thing are over there.

THAT SAID, I'm enjoying his works immensely. Just finished Excession yesterday, which leaves me with only three more Culture novels before I run out of things to read. DDDDDDDD:!!! It seems that every new book I read becomes my newest "best Banks book ever", and Excession is no exception. You can really see how far he has come from the haphazardly written Consider Phlebas: it's tightly-plotted and perfectly timed and lyrical and, best of all, has an extensive AI cast that plays off against each other rather than against any of those old, boring meat sacks that nominally carry the story. All those ships! The Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival was my favourite, though Meatfucker and Killing Time (in its brief appearance) were also strong contenders, and the latter half of the book made me grow almost dangerously fond of Sleeper Service.

(...I wonder what it says about me that the characters I sympathize most with are sociopathic yet charismatic AIs. Somehow I find their moral code more relatable than that of many of the protagonists.)

I'm a bit puzzled at amazon reviews though. Everyone warns that you have to pay attention while reading. Isn't having to keep up with all of the plot threads to keep track of the plot the ideal reading situation?

While on the topic of BOOKS, I'm also currently finishing A Room with a View for a course. Forster, you crazy whimsical bastard, I'm almost having trouble trying not to get lost following the narrative. I love it so far, a lot. It's nice to see characters actually address and discuss social issues rather than make thinly veiled jabs here and there. Which has been the case with some earlier authors (*cough* Austen *cough*) (ok ok, different era, different style, but Sense and Sensibility was frustrating to read). Also:

"There is much that is immortal in this medieval lady. The dragons have gone, and so have the knights, but still she lingers in our midst."
This book was written in 1908. Why is this still relevant?

Game of Thrones premiere: I had avoided most of the hype because I didn't want to get my expectations up, so I got preeetty surprised by holy production values. The opening sequence!! And all the actors are so perfect (lol viserys). I might have to buy this on DVD when it gets released omg
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is somehow... really good? It's a pretty generic J-pop piece, but it's catchy and upbeat and summery and a bit melancholic, and the singer's voice is so clear and fresh somehow (reminds me of Star Driver's maidens's voices actually). There's a translation over here.

I can't get it out of my head. ;Д; Wait, maybe this is a good thing.
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Dear Star Driver fans,

Please stop producing hordes of grossly OOC Takuto/Sugata fanworks and opinions that completely ignore the existence of Wako and their actual relationship with each other. It's creeping me out greatly.

Greatly creeped out,

To my complete inability to concentrate on anything productive, including school, work and life,

please go away

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An hour of sleep and feeling sick, I can see this day is already off to a great start! I wasn't supposed to stay up so late yesterday, but somehow a quick remark about my friend's boyfriend (they were staying over) using "gay" as a pejorative resulted in a two-hour argument about male and female experiences of rape. ????? I- I think I won that argument? At least he's the one who had to leave the room for a moment before coming back to inform me that I had hurt him in his heart.

And a quick Star Driver thing, I guess. There's a larger post I want to make, mostly consisting of fanart links, but that needs more organizing and I have a lecture to attend in ten minutes.

Top 10 miscellaneous items of Star☆Driver )


Mar. 20th, 2011 01:24 am
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- playing through Etrian Odyssey, the last game I still have left before I've exhausted my DS library. I've been anxious about finishing this game since I still have nothing to continue on to and my DS is what I turn to when I can't sleep (don't have to rise from bed to play/PSP is too noisy at night). ...Or that's how it was just a few days ago, but yesterday, after I got to the last dungeon/area, I apparently glitched the game so that if I want to get past the floor I'm currently on, I have to start the game all over again from the very beginning.

To whatever deity was listening: THIS WAS NOT THE SOLUTION I WAS ASKING FOR

- Silent Hill 2, second playthrough: i accidentally the rebirth ending :O Have to check what exactly triggered it, considering I was pretty diligently aiming for In Water........

- PROJECT ZERO (/Zero/Fatal Frame)!!! Is amazing, stormed through the series from December to February, currently on new game + on The Tormented. Survival horror, why did it take me so long to discover you?

Reactions per game:

(Project) Zero )

Zero (II): Crimson Butterfly )

Zero (III): The Tormented )

Zero (IV): Mask of the Lunar Eclipse )

And since they were asking for it: Sakuya/You >> Sae/Yae = Mafuyu/Miku (thank you 3rd game) > Itsuki/Mutsuki >>>>>> Mayu/Mio. FACTS.

Black Swan

Mar. 17th, 2011 11:26 pm
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That was perfect.
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Star Driver )
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Sleepless night got me into thinking about Fafner, which in turn made me remember this tiny little tidbit. According to the voice credits of the Heaven and Earth movie, it seems that two years after the TV series Canon has changed her last name to Hazama.

fafner, why do you always get to me Q____Q
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Breaking journal silence briefly to rec this gorgeous piece of Shiki fanart. Spoilery scene, but there's little context in the picture, so.
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A Lesson in Uselessness, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast. Alice visits Belle's castle. (!!)

The rest! )

And happy belated holidays, everyone!
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Reviving old memes, oh my. Anything to distract me from drawing Christmas cards, it seems.

If anyone still wants a card that will almost certainly take until after the holidays to arrive, PM me your address! I could use the practice.

Day 25: A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out? )

DAY 25: Favorite Cid? )

( Questions )
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“If I throw a ball at you I don’t expect you to drop it and wait until it starts telling stories.”

...I don't even understand these counter-arguments anymore. No, if you throw a ball at me, I don’t expect it to start telling me stories either!

However, if a game presents a ball-throwing situation as logical continuation of earlier game events (for example, perhaps the player character becomes engaged in a ball-throwing competition where only throwing the winning ball will make the opposing ball-throwers let them pass through a field where said ball-throwing is taking place), I do expect that, at the same time as it is expecting me to play, the game is also telling me a story.


dear self,

Dec. 6th, 2010 07:57 pm
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6/12: Read the damn articles. READ THEM. (And the books too.) And translate that one text, you know which one. And prepare for Tuesday's class while you're at it.

Acceptable distractions: NONE.

7/12: That little e-mail you've been postponing for two months? SEND IT.

Additional tasks: you should have read all your materials by now. Haphazard notes and ideas don't really make for a review - write a working first draft. And don't forget to prepare for Thursday's exam. ...and for Wednesday's discussion hour.

Acceptable distractions: NONE.

8/12: Last class discussion, congratulations! And you have some sort of text ready by now, right? Polish it. Make sure it makes sense. It has to be ready by evening, because by then you'll be preparing for Thursday's exam.

Acceptable distractions: Christmas present brainstorming.

9/12: Exam! But tomorrow's the deadline for the review, so you can't relax yet.

Acceptable distractions: LASU program (but only if you already have something respectable done by now!), Christmas present brainstorming.

10/12: Deadline for the review. By midnight.

11/12 onwards: Final exam coming next Tuesday, two books to absorb by then. Good luck on that!

Acceptable distractions: Christmas cards. Etrian Odyssey, which I hope you haven't touched before now.

13/12: Robinson's guest lecture, you don't want to miss it.

14/12: Final exam. Christmas cards must be sent by noon.

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