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is somehow... really good? It's a pretty generic J-pop piece, but it's catchy and upbeat and summery and a bit melancholic, and the singer's voice is so clear and fresh somehow (reminds me of Star Driver's maidens's voices actually). There's a translation over here.

I can't get it out of my head. ;Д; Wait, maybe this is a good thing.
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A Lesson in Uselessness, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast. Alice visits Belle's castle. (!!)

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And happy belated holidays, everyone!
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[livejournal.com profile] nejisiili, [livejournal.com profile] espy_no_matsuri, those threads from a few days ago got me to thinking about how to do successful recommendations. Here's an experiment! Tell me if it works.

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Shadow of the Colossus, spoilers )

If you've completed the game, you should probably read this. Fanfiction, yes. But it works.

Persona 4

AKA the game that ate my life until I realized I didn't even like most of the characters*, and I'm still uncertain about what I should think about the plot/narrative. Both the Good and True endings were ridiculously, teeth-rottingly cheesy, and many of the implications the game cast on gendered behaviour were uncomfortable at best. (Here is a rant on the issue by someone much more eloquent than me.)

(*pretty much the only characters I liked by the end were two very minor supporting characters and the main villain. The rest I had grown tired of. Especially you, Yousuke.)

On the other hand, the game had excellent dialogue, mostly excellent voice-acting (though no one could pronounce their name), and every technical decision from colours to sounds was just so fine and consistent and stylish that it was a treat to play. I could spend minutes just flipping the menu open and closed. Seriously.

In case you've happened to finish the game, I'd recommend this fic here (SPOILERS).

Hotel Dusk

...should I ever meet the localization team, I'll offer them a free glass of whiskey, is all I'm saying.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne/Lucifer's Call

Everything I ever could have wanted in a videogame!!, etc etc. Over halfway through the game, started not a week ago, oops. Possibly going to have nightmares over Aradia's first appearance. Also--

Mysterious old guy in a wheelchair: So I lost these candelabra that grant access to my labyrinth (of Amala). Help in getting them back would be much appreciated!
Labyrinth (of Amala): *presents itself*
MC: Salvador Dali, WE MEET AT LAST

(Though the Second Kalpa reminded me of Silent Hill more than anything.)
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This post is a result of two things: my heartbreak over no one responding to that meme I posted some time ago (my love for rambling about my favourite pairings is neverending), and my finding of a most extraordinarily excellent piece of writing that needed reccing right away, only all the post would have consisted of then would have been "[link] AAHHHHHHH!!!!". Considering some of my latest postings methinks it would have been a little too much. (New journal subtitle: three sentences at most or your money back!)

But here it is. Some of my favourite fanfictions for some of my favourite romantic? fictious relationships, ranging from the platonic (with maybe just a tinge of something else) to unmitigated romance.

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Game )

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The reason Graham Aker's never going to pilot a Gundam is because if he did, he could end up accidentally destroying the Earth by moving his little finger.

And now, some... Gundam 00 kink!meme recommendations...? Oi vey.

Hallelujah/Sumeragi ;; The second response of the two, to be specific. Hot, I guess, but mostly I'm impressed by Sumeragi's characterization. Actually made me appreciate her a bit more. (Not that I didn't like her to begin with.)

Christina/Feldt ;; I. I feel kind of squicked, thinking about Feldt and sex in the same sentence (...partly because she's pretty young but mostly because I'd adopt her as a little sister if it was at all possible) but. This. This is so cute. U-uwah.

Shirin/Marina ;; Attack of the girlporn? Unfortunately 99% the Meister pairings in the meme are kind of WTF for me. :( Again, not notable for the sexings but for the interesting characterizationnnz.

+ two crack-ish interludes: Nadleeh/Dynames (AUGH), and PATRICK FAILING AT SEX (though, as suggested in the comments, EPIC FAIL at this level kind of does a 180).

I'm disappearing off the face of the civilized world internet for a week or so. Good luck to everyone who still has their finals, and try not to kill yourselves.
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Dumbledore is not impressed (HP, art) - Excellent subject matter, plus pretty art. (Lol!)

Whispers (FFVI [Cayenne/Tina], fic) - W-what's this, halfway decent fic of my preferred VI pairing? C'est impossible!

The Journey West (Gaiman's American Gods on Journey to the West, fic) - "Listen, and I will tell you how Monkey comes to America." ...No previous knowledge of either book necessary.

Now, -->France.

Back in a week+.
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PARTY: *has spent the whole night gathering vital information from a local tavern* Good morning. Now: -5 strength! -5 speed! -5 spirit! for the next, say, twenty minutes.
PLAYERS: What the--
GAME DESIGNERS: Guys, those are serious hangovers there. :/
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A bunch of Final Fantasy fan-remix recommendations:

Cursed Pirates of the Sea [V: Pirates Ahoy! & Cursed Earth] // The first half is a nifty render of the pirate theme, and the only bearable-sounding version I've been able to find anywhere. The second half is so-so.

Rachel's Gift [VI: Forever Rachel & Celes' theme] // Ah, electronic music, my greatest adversary. That aside, melody-wise this remix nearly makes me cry. ;_;

Death on the Snowfield [VI: Tina's theme] // The original song is arguably the most beautiful and fragile of all the songs in the game. This version leaves the majestic, ascending refrain out, which... works to its advantage, yes, but I'm still allowed to pine after my favourite part.

A Nightmare Before Kefka [VI: Kefka's theme] // Kefka's theme, sure, but before that, it's Danny Elfman. The resemblance is uncanny. Clicked on this one on a whim, didn't even notice the title, and the remixer mentions he loves Elfman's music. Man, does it show. Squee.

Cantata for Dancing: I. Mors ego sum mortis [VI: Dancing mad] // Like the original, only with a full orchestra and a choir. The reviewer on the site says "epic", and I must agree.

Final Fantasy 7 Philharmonic Suite: Finale [VII: Weapon raid] // The same remixer as in the previous one, meaning this is an orchestrated version. 8D

Ascension to Cosmo Canyon [VII: Cosmo Canyon] // ...What can I even say about this one. a) Brings much-needed variation to the original piece, which is my favourite song in the game btw, b) The most gorgeous game remix I've ever heard, c) No explanation needed actually, exactly what it sounds like.

How Much Longer [VII: On that day, five years ago & X: Suteki da ne?] // A hybrid of the two melodies, played on two acoustic guitars. Very pretty, and I say this as someone who doesn't much care for guitars, acoustic or electronic.
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A Deathly Hallows cut )

Honey x Honey; a heart-warming comic about the daily life of two women in a relationship. Chapters seven pages long, max.

Chocarena; a Chocobo theme remix - the best one out there. Positively danceable.

• Something good about Romeo x Juliet - the opening theme is so powerful that it sends shivers up my spine.

• A summary for a fic at FanFiction.net's Fafner section:

"How does Shoushi do? He also loves Kazuki when he finally confesses he loves him but he just can't. Their love is so painful. He can't bear it. He can't love the one that one day he'd disappear. How could he love him?"



May. 9th, 2006 07:12 pm
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I've tried explaining this before, and I don't know if I've been understood those times, but here it goes again. Music and lyrics and how they have nothing to do with each other.

A foreword: this is probably better understood if I say that this's been swelling in my head ever since my sister refused to listen to the tracks that were in Chinese and Japanese on a CD I gave her for Christmas. Which, IMHO, was just odd.

I cannot really understand people who only listen to vocal music in languages they know and understand. I mean, it's only natural to be curious about what the lyrics might be about, but. Music, music on the purest, rawest level has nothing to do with understanding - it's all about feeling. Which is something language has no direct tie to, I think. The high and low points of musical pieces come from everything but the words sung, though the lyrics might punctuate them.

Not understanding the lyrics should be of the same level of importance as not recognising the solo instrument, or something. ...Also of note is that all of this isn't really-really-really what I honestly think all the time, but the basic idea works for me almost always?

And for my mother, who thinks that music and dance are inseparable (meaning dance with music, not vica versa): music and dance may support each other but they certainly do not define each other. The thing that ties them together is mostly rhythm, but both of them can be done without it. Honest. I have several dancers - and musicians! - with me behind this one.

Music a'la grati )

For some reason most of the songs are very melancholic. It's the early summer, it makes me wistful.
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Easter approaches, are you ready? By which I mean, my dearest cousin/s, do we have any plans for the next weekend? Discuss. The icon's not a subtle way to try and brainwash you into wanting to watch Fafner through again or anything.

Also, fanfic recs! From X, because it's the season. Rather spoiler-laden, and old.

No Angel Came by [livejournal.com profile] crazylittleme. For everyone who wants to break their heart, the only Kamui/Subaru I'll ever like.

Focus by [livejournal.com profile] fahye. Odd and gorgeous. Weird Fuuma/Kamui, maybe, and even weirder Fuuma/Kakyou, or not. Works as gen, too. I think. ...It's good! Yeah.
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A reminder for myself, good fics I'd probably not find again. Currently only Saiyuki fanfiction, will update later.

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