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Wow. It seems you can't swing a cat in any given Star Driver fan space without hitting a large, vocal group of Wako haters. Shit it's a female character, diss for your lives!!!1!!! I thought these kinds of mythical fans only existed in internet cautionary tales.

(I've come pretty much 180° in my feelings for this character, lol.)
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An hour of sleep and feeling sick, I can see this day is already off to a great start! I wasn't supposed to stay up so late yesterday, but somehow a quick remark about my friend's boyfriend (they were staying over) using "gay" as a pejorative resulted in a two-hour argument about male and female experiences of rape. ????? I- I think I won that argument? At least he's the one who had to leave the room for a moment before coming back to inform me that I had hurt him in his heart.

And a quick Star Driver thing, I guess. There's a larger post I want to make, mostly consisting of fanart links, but that needs more organizing and I have a lecture to attend in ten minutes.

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