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Ilona ([personal profile] korpi) wrote2011-04-05 10:06 am
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An hour of sleep and feeling sick, I can see this day is already off to a great start! I wasn't supposed to stay up so late yesterday, but somehow a quick remark about my friend's boyfriend (they were staying over) using "gay" as a pejorative resulted in a two-hour argument about male and female experiences of rape. ????? I- I think I won that argument? At least he's the one who had to leave the room for a moment before coming back to inform me that I had hurt him in his heart.

And a quick Star Driver thing, I guess. There's a larger post I want to make, mostly consisting of fanart links, but that needs more organizing and I have a lecture to attend in ten minutes.

Top 10 miscellaneous items of Star☆Driver~

10. Mau yuki wa, hoshi no kakera
9. Instances of female initiative in sexual situations >>>> instances of male initiative in sexual situations (amount of)
8. Episode 5, crying crying
7. hay wako, let me tell you how sugata's devotion to you sends my heart a-flutter (e-episode 19)
5. "I loved his paintings. And I loved him painting."
4. Mrs Kanako Watanabe's scandalous past fling with Madoka Kei
2. "An illusion that doesn't disappear is real."
1. "Sometimes I make my maids wash my back. :|"