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Sleepless night got me into thinking about Fafner, which in turn made me remember this tiny little tidbit. According to the voice credits of the Heaven and Earth movie, it seems that two years after the TV series Canon has changed her last name to Hazama.

fafner, why do you always get to me Q____Q
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Oh god, I just had a brilliant, revolutionary thought. Sometimes when an author adds something to [their work] that might be read as homoerotic, they might be thinking that it's...

wait for it...

just as relevant to the story as all the other elements they have added. Like, even in a world where "yaoi fangirls" and "yuri fanboys"* don't exist as recognizable groups to "pander"...? The gay might still be there! Besides, I have the strangest feeling that sometimes even the fan-pandering type of gay can grow into something more serious. Just a... is it a "hunch" if it's based on direct evidence?

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Not that there aren't two sides to every argument. Shows that use gay for titillation far outnumber the ones that don't. But despite what people seem to think, instead of being happy about those meaningless moments, some of us find that annoying.

Point is, the next time someone dismisses something perfectly logical and in-character as a "nod to the fangirls", I will punch them through the internet.

*because these are the only two groups in existence, as you know that gay is only a heterosexual fantasy

quick rec

Sep. 20th, 2010 12:15 am
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This picture. It is wonderful.

(I randomly love how Canon looks so foreign in the middle of all the other kids.)

(Oh, and only pixiv members can see the full-sized picture, but registering is easy and very much worth it.)
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Wait what, what. What.

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It has arrived! This means it's time for some anime-watching!

Together, we can flyyyy )

General comments on the boxset: LOL @ treating Right of Left people and the main cast as equally important (it's half & half in the rest of the box as well, not only in the cover). The OVA was beautiful, informative and its general quality was certainly better than that of the TV series, but it was still an just extra.


"Wait... If it just comes back--"
"Don't say [defeating Sin] isn't worth it... Because it is. Even for a little while... people can sleep in their beds without being afraid. That kind of time is worth anything."

~Tidus and Yuna, Final Fantasy X

"It was only peaceful for half a year. Does this mean that the battles our friends went through only had a small significance?"
"[--] Even if it were only a day of peace, I would be grateful for its value."

~Kuramae Karin and Minashiro Soushi, Fafner in the Azure: Right of Left

Speaking of before-unnoticed similarities between FFX and Fafner, how about hordes of pretty blue water, pretty blue water everywhere! (it only makes your suffering shine brighter)? Or MASSIVE SPOILERS )?

fell for it

Feb. 7th, 2006 10:42 pm
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(You, who read this, put this to your own blog and list twenty things that make you happy at this moment.)

1. I've managed to get my school book business in order and it's not even the third day of this period, yet.
2. Thinking about books that fuse sci-fi with fantasy.
3. Atsuko's (from angela) crazy voice.
4. The tea I'm currently drinking, a mix of black and green tea.
5. Spoons with a pointy end. All the better to eat fruit with, my dear.
6. My lovely mittens that I can't get on without help from other people.
7. Walking in winter. Walking, as opposed to biking.
8. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.
9. The play I get to go to see the coming Thursday.
10. Shindou Naomi's voice-acting.
11. The third course of music knowledge, which concerns everything from impressionism to modern day. (It just happens that it's also the last course I have to take in the subject, nfu.)
12. Ridiculously long song titles. ("There's a reason these tables are numbered honey. You just haven't thought of it yet". PANIC! at the disco, wtf?)
13. I get to see Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust this week.
14. Two characters from #13 looking like an unhappy smiley.
15. Mom left for Canary Islands for a week and there's peace in the house.
16. Tomorrow.
17. Guu's life philosophy. (See icon.)
18. Foreigners trying to speak Japanese. (Trying to speak. Foreigners who speak Japanese are a completely different matter altogether.)
19. My clothing layers (all five of them), they keep me warm.
20. The list behind the following cut.

The following cut )

In other news, Stellvia's main character annoys me in the way main characters usually do, but otherwise the series looks very interesting.
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Ugh. Geneon's US release of "Now Here" takes pride in including two songs of angela's that weren't included in the Japanese release (Proof and Fly me to the sky) - but doesn't mention anything about the thirty-minute drama that came with the original. (Plus they've translated some of the names all weird - Urdu? Markzine? The latter, especially... wasn't "sein" supposed to mean "to be" in German? ...)
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South Park -elokuvan alkuun on vielä viitisen minuuttia, joten teen tässä huvikseni tiivistelmän Soukyuu no Fafnerin viimeisestä jaksosta. (Oikeastaan, viimeisestä viisiminuuttisesta.)

Spoilereita, onko... neita. Siis. )
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-damn, but the music's good
-...I think I've seen this a dozen times before
-I stand corrected. I've never seen anything this melodramatic before
-and the music still rules

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