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Breaking journal silence briefly to rec this gorgeous piece of Shiki fanart. Spoilery scene, but there's little context in the picture, so.
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Toward the Terra bodice-ripper doujinshi, starring Keith Anyan and Jonah Matsuka.

...I'd read it!
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1. Sandthorn-mandarin-orange juice: tastes like candy. Not a desirable quality in a drink.

2. Potato bread: delicious! Correction! Something a few tiers above "delicious" for certain.

3. Topic for one final paper: so bad.

4. Status of that Chinese oral presentation: .... orz.

5. Shadow of the Colossus: nightmare fuel. ;_;

6. Headache: 2, me: 0.
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I can see it now.

After the ending credits of the very last episode: Balsa finally gets her spear fixed.

[eta] Oooookay, everyone's so heartbreakingly broken re: the dead little brother prince that if they don't get to know he's alive at SOME point I'll cry. D:
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...So. I shouldn't be allowed to draw Christmas cards.

Actual content coming later this week. Maybe.
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L-lol, Kurogane.
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Naturally all the icons I create are in great taste, but this just might be the least most tasteful yet!

...Spoilers for FFVI, more specifically the first twenty or so minutes after the big thing that happens halfway through the game.

Jump? :D )

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