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Reviving old memes, oh my. Anything to distract me from drawing Christmas cards, it seems.

If anyone still wants a card that will almost certainly take until after the holidays to arrive, PM me your address! I could use the practice.

Day 25: A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out?

Note to self: adorable, I don't think it means what you think it means.
And I've clearly given up on trying to pick just one answer for these.

Well, this takes me back. Mad Hatter and Kurai (Cry?) from the manga Angel Sanctuary by the infamous Kaori Yuki.

It would never work in the longer term. Hatter is not made for dating (any attempt would end in tears and probably death) and neither is s/he Kurai's type. Besides, their ages and experiences are so different that they have nothing in common. Still, I think that both were at their best when around each other - they brought something completely new out in each other. Interesting.

Gwendolyn, valkyrie and the ~tragic~ princess of Ragnanival and King Onyx of.... the Volkenon Lava Pit? They are engaged for a time, but then plot happens.

Onyx has convinced himself to be quite in love, Gwendolyn is indifferent. I like this scenario because it makes Gwendolyn fight for her recognition as an individual while also not forcing her to prove herself to someone she actually cares about (which would be just cruel), rather than that recognition being given to her freely (which is a gentler fate, but also more boring). This way her story would make me satisfied. It would be terrible and glorious and beautiful, and it would end so horribly, which is only fitting for a story about the end of the world.

Fumi/Yasuko from Aoi Hana would have worked, I think, if the mangaka had cared to continue in that direction. As it is, childhood sweethearts triumph over new loves. Not that Ai and Fumi weren't cute, but they couldn't hold my interest either.

That's how it sometimes goes.

DAY 25: Favorite Cid?

This would be a fair question if Cid Highwind didn't exist.

My apologies, Doctor Cidolphus Demen Bunansa and Count Cidolfus Orlandeau. You too were crazy, special snowflakes.

(MegaTen: ....favourite Lucifer? I kind of liked the boobs thing, but the wheelchaired old man was the most effective one.)

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