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is somehow... really good? It's a pretty generic J-pop piece, but it's catchy and upbeat and summery and a bit melancholic, and the singer's voice is so clear and fresh somehow (reminds me of Star Driver's maidens's voices actually). There's a translation over here.

I can't get it out of my head. ;Д; Wait, maybe this is a good thing.
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>listening to Billie Holiday, for the first time with feeling
>has missed 50% of the musical nods in Shiina Ringo's work before this
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Four (4) youtube videos )
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PARTY: *has spent the whole night gathering vital information from a local tavern* Good morning. Now: -5 strength! -5 speed! -5 spirit! for the next, say, twenty minutes.
PLAYERS: What the--
GAME DESIGNERS: Guys, those are serious hangovers there. :/
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A bunch of Final Fantasy fan-remix recommendations:

Cursed Pirates of the Sea [V: Pirates Ahoy! & Cursed Earth] // The first half is a nifty render of the pirate theme, and the only bearable-sounding version I've been able to find anywhere. The second half is so-so.

Rachel's Gift [VI: Forever Rachel & Celes' theme] // Ah, electronic music, my greatest adversary. That aside, melody-wise this remix nearly makes me cry. ;_;

Death on the Snowfield [VI: Tina's theme] // The original song is arguably the most beautiful and fragile of all the songs in the game. This version leaves the majestic, ascending refrain out, which... works to its advantage, yes, but I'm still allowed to pine after my favourite part.

A Nightmare Before Kefka [VI: Kefka's theme] // Kefka's theme, sure, but before that, it's Danny Elfman. The resemblance is uncanny. Clicked on this one on a whim, didn't even notice the title, and the remixer mentions he loves Elfman's music. Man, does it show. Squee.

Cantata for Dancing: I. Mors ego sum mortis [VI: Dancing mad] // Like the original, only with a full orchestra and a choir. The reviewer on the site says "epic", and I must agree.

Final Fantasy 7 Philharmonic Suite: Finale [VII: Weapon raid] // The same remixer as in the previous one, meaning this is an orchestrated version. 8D

Ascension to Cosmo Canyon [VII: Cosmo Canyon] // ...What can I even say about this one. a) Brings much-needed variation to the original piece, which is my favourite song in the game btw, b) The most gorgeous game remix I've ever heard, c) No explanation needed actually, exactly what it sounds like.

How Much Longer [VII: On that day, five years ago & X: Suteki da ne?] // A hybrid of the two melodies, played on two acoustic guitars. Very pretty, and I say this as someone who doesn't much care for guitars, acoustic or electronic.
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A performance, unexpectedly and amazingly brilliant or not, is very unlikely to capture every person in the audience and send them into throes of omg blissful rapture!!1! Even in a music academy, where the audience knows how to listen. Boo. (Unless it's a big name performing outstandingly well, with everyone in the audience a fan who's come to listen especially to him/her.)

Chiaki and Milch-sensei (sorry XD) couldn't really have paid such close attention to each other in a peak-point of the song. One or both would have messed up. Inevitably. Generally trying to push moments of (inter)personal revelation in the middle of very trying and concentration-demanding tasks is a bad idea. I know it was only for like ten seconds, but it was for ten seconds too long.

But rushing to play piano afterwards was a dead-on reaction from Nodame. Totally and completely.

All in all, this show both frustrates and delights me. Thankfully, the frustration usually doesn't stem from negative (? -ish) things such as pointed out in this post, but from the fact the pieces are almost always cut short. It's good music, damn it, I want to hear it in full! And without commentary, but that's not possible. Because then it would be just animated classical CD's with no story at all. :D
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Friday: The day with the music festival

Extraordinarily tagged on, was how I felt the whole day. It wasn't fun at all. During the day the thing that most brought me pleasure was the thirty-minute phone conversation I had with a schoolfriend. Right before midnight I finally realised that hey, in practice I'm alone here, which changed my with-a-friend attitude to a lone-wolf one. After that I started having fun.

The food was bad*, the people drunken and smelly, and I'd do the whole thing again in a heartbeat. The whys:

MUCC was the first band I got to see; this was before the crowd had truly settled in. Very little general applause and cheering, the most visible presence in the audience were the screaming fangirls. They made me smile. The singer had a ridiculously ornamental bathrobe that got thrown away before I managed to get a picture of it, a shame. The whole band was barefoot, which made them cute rather than bad-ass.

I think this was the first Japanese band the festival had had, or at least among the very firsts; before they got on stage, a member in the audience said "Soon there'll be ninjas!" Maybe this affected my experience. I spent the whole thing feeling only awestruck hilarity, the foremost thing in my mind: guys, guys, those are ninjas on the stage.

Most of the artists I got to see only for a bit. Stalingrad Cowgirls had a singer who wore a very neat women's jacket with a very neat skirt, looking as though she were going to work, or perhaps to a funeral, and the hairdo resembled Cruella De Vil's. She had an amazing voice. I couldn't scream like that for a minute without my voice going hoarse, but hers managed to last the whole concert. The music was terrible in a fascinating way. For the object of most curiosity with the band, please refer to the subject line of this entry. Aiden only made me laugh. Kotiteollisuus' musical outlet was terrible, horrible and I haaaaated it speaks were cute. One went something like this: "I don't understand how you people can spend time here, listening to this awful music. --Oh yes, there are some decent artists here as well. YUP starts in the middle of our set, so go listen to them. We'd go too, but we're otherwise engaged."

YUP - everyone talks about them, but I'd never heard any of their music. The first song they played aroused my interest. Sailors! Around the third song I decided that that wasn't the optimal hearing from which to form a solid first impression. Festival stages and their bad acoustics and worse mixing distorts the music. I left during this one.

I'm sad I didn't get to hear more of Flogging Molly than their last songs. I'm sad, too, that I was eating during them so that I couldn't really dance. It was my second favourite performance that evening, unfortunately happening while I was at another. Fortunately the performance I was listening to was worth it.

Tori Amos was the reason I went there. She played many new songs that I hadn't heard, but will surely listen to now, in their CD incarnations. And she played Precious Things.

Listening to her was like a dream. Never mind the awful mixing (I can SEE her hitting the piano keys, but I can't hear anything!) and the length of the performance (too short), or the horrible position in which I had to stand for two hours (what, I used to have a right leg? nonsense, I can barely feel the left one). When the music played, I wasn't really there, in the real world. I was living with the pulse.

* One good thing to be said about the otherwise terrible foodstuff: the springrolls from the Chinese were delicious. They were also the first hot&spicy food I've enjoyed in my whole life. My mouth burned, but the taste was worth it. They would have tasted better without the spicy spice, mind!
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The pagan holiday has passed and left me with a full stomach, content mind and an abundance of gifts. High-quality gifts. Like Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. ♥ Dad did his usual thing and gave me a handful of CD's I've never even heard of; one was rather good, one I sneakily passed onto my brother and his wife (right under Dad's nose, but he was okay with it).

Then there was this one CD, Marjo Leinonen & Viranomaiset's Uusi Päivä, that I'm this close to falling in love with. The singer has a low singing voice for a woman, and it cracks just so, and the wail is... respectable.

A sample! : Sinun Omasi (Your Own), the last song on the disc.

Can't say much about the music itself, I'm still too taken with this voice. Do buy the CD if you like the song!
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There was a violin camp. In the woods. We ate crabs. One girl came out of the closet about being a blonde. We learned that we suzuki violinists are retarded as a whole. Nothing new here!

Our teacher was wearing a t-shirt that read "not interested" for the better half of the weekend, which caused much amusement. In. Any given situation, actually. And we learned to play one concerto for four (crazy!) violins by Vivaldi.

The... special slip of the camp: "Vegans... I mean, cannibals."


Sep. 6th, 2006 06:25 pm
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A torrent of all of the music from Princess Tutu, YES.


[edit] My mother, a doctor, dropped her guard duty cellphone on our lawn! Currently she's at work trying to make do with just a regular cellphone and I'm responsible for directing all the misdirected calls in the right direction direc- yeah.

So far there has been one call which ended with the man calling thinking that I was a SECRETARY or something, drunk while at work and possibly in the need of serious psychological help, and me feeling like "god now it's my fault when the person who needed treatment dies!". AH.
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Lady & Bird - La Ballade of Lady and Bird

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Most of the songs in the Eurovision song contest are rather dull. *cough* Most of them are even, dare I say, very bad, even given the usual quality of the songs in said contest. Lordi gets a thumbs-up from me because, well, Lordi, but the others? Nah.

Then in comes Lithuania.

You know that a performance is going to be special when it's by six male artists who are all failed former Eurovision participants. The song itself is brilliant. Most the lyrics consist of "we are the winners of Eurovision/so vote for us now" or something like that. They were silly on the stage, and the song ended with a very loud "VOTE!" with all the men holding up their hands in a V sign.

If they get through the semi-finals, I'm seriously going to vote for them. Blame propaganda.

[edit] Aaaand Lithuania got to the finals! ♥


May. 9th, 2006 07:12 pm
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I've tried explaining this before, and I don't know if I've been understood those times, but here it goes again. Music and lyrics and how they have nothing to do with each other.

A foreword: this is probably better understood if I say that this's been swelling in my head ever since my sister refused to listen to the tracks that were in Chinese and Japanese on a CD I gave her for Christmas. Which, IMHO, was just odd.

I cannot really understand people who only listen to vocal music in languages they know and understand. I mean, it's only natural to be curious about what the lyrics might be about, but. Music, music on the purest, rawest level has nothing to do with understanding - it's all about feeling. Which is something language has no direct tie to, I think. The high and low points of musical pieces come from everything but the words sung, though the lyrics might punctuate them.

Not understanding the lyrics should be of the same level of importance as not recognising the solo instrument, or something. ...Also of note is that all of this isn't really-really-really what I honestly think all the time, but the basic idea works for me almost always?

And for my mother, who thinks that music and dance are inseparable (meaning dance with music, not vica versa): music and dance may support each other but they certainly do not define each other. The thing that ties them together is mostly rhythm, but both of them can be done without it. Honest. I have several dancers - and musicians! - with me behind this one.

Music a'la grati )

For some reason most of the songs are very melancholic. It's the early summer, it makes me wistful.
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I have said before that I don't care that much for male singing voices. But this man, this man. He has a fine voice. And by "fine" I mean "I'm sitting hear trembling and with sweat trickling down my neck", it's that sexy. Funny, I dislike the way he uses it. (*whistles*)

And I didn't just name my Finnish portfolio "Petra Portfolio". I refuse to acknowledge those words. Even though I can see them quite clearly.

O sleep, how I crave thee.
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Two days ago I had a weird dream. Yesterday I had a dream of our history teacher being [livejournal.com profile] bemysty. This is all well and good, but I don't even know who this bemysty person is (other than that they posted on [livejournal.com profile] fst earlier this week). Last night I dreamed that Fumihiko and Soushi from one certain sci-fi mecha series were shrimps. Shrimps. I... think it's a good thing that the next week will be a normal one.

I have rediscovered GO!GO!7188. Why is it that the only rock I like is J-femme!rock?

Also, this (spoilers :D) is something I want to do every single time I see the beginning of Fafner's opening. Hee. (I'm going to Hell.)
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When I agreed to this gig, I wasn't completely aware that it'd be during my vacation, and when I did realize, IT WAS ALREADY TOO LATE DECLINE. Vacation is supposed to be my time in which I do whatever I wish to do, without any schedule. If I wish to spend the week isolated from the rest of humanity I'm allowed to do so! RAARR.

And God, someone help me, those 24 hours I have to spend socializing are going to be spend in the presence of a musical perfectionist. A musical nazi. Folk music isn't meant to be that serious, goddamnit.
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I notice, to my great dismay, that I can still sing about half of Every Little Thing's Grip! by heart. And I haven't watched Inuyasha in years. And the song gives me a headache.

...taisetsuna mono wa nanda~?
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In winter: classical, children's songs, Christmas songs. (As well as drinking songs.)

In spring: anything that takes your mind away from the horrible weather outside. (Especially drinking songs.)

In summer: rock'n'roll'n'blues'n'jazz!, political (read: revolutionary) songs, reggae, punk (...I don't know why), and! Drinking songs!

In autumn: heavy metal and folk songs of any and every kind. Surprisingly, no drinking songs.

On and only on very long car rides: pop. (Pop songs of over ten years of age earn a very special stress on the word only.) Possibly drinking songs but, for the love of all that is holy, never actual drinking.

All through the year: pretty songs with flutes and an elysian sound (which is totally not genre but belongs here anyway), folk songs (viva la repetition), selected jazz pieces (through the year we'll be picky). ...And drinking songs? ([edit] To each their own, what she said.)

In my books, never: rap. ([edit] Techno isn't in my vocabulary, and neither is ska, apparently.)

(Anything to add?)
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Yes, C Major! I won't have to use my little finger! <3

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