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Jul. 23rd, 2010 04:06 pm
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I just realized something that Avatar sadly lacks in quantity not quality: MOAR SPIRIT WORLD

please let koh appear in korra please please

in other news I just spent three hours writing pages and pages about queer and injustice, it was fun. leaving for Austria (!!) in a few hours

eta: um
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So I thought making some ~half or so of this a rant post, but I loved the last two seasons too much to soil this with bad thoughts so screw that, I'll just leave it for another day.

avatar spoilers all the way through )

Two links that are definitely worth a look:

- gaming disabled
- vintage lgbtq photos

Yeah and I made a dreamwidth account (finally without an underscore)! ....which I don't know what to do with! But I do have some ideas, yes I do. For now it is empty except for one night's worth of fiddling around with icons (the most important part, surely).
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he will never take the place of the son he lost
and he can never be the father he longs for

but it is still beautiful and right and so full of love
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So (hating on) some movie called The Last Airbender has been quite popular this last week, and since I spent an extended weekend in a forest with nothing else to do, I finally watched the first season of Avatar: the Last Airbender. )

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