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- playing through Etrian Odyssey, the last game I still have left before I've exhausted my DS library. I've been anxious about finishing this game since I still have nothing to continue on to and my DS is what I turn to when I can't sleep (don't have to rise from bed to play/PSP is too noisy at night). ...Or that's how it was just a few days ago, but yesterday, after I got to the last dungeon/area, I apparently glitched the game so that if I want to get past the floor I'm currently on, I have to start the game all over again from the very beginning.

To whatever deity was listening: THIS WAS NOT THE SOLUTION I WAS ASKING FOR

- Silent Hill 2, second playthrough: i accidentally the rebirth ending :O Have to check what exactly triggered it, considering I was pretty diligently aiming for In Water........

- PROJECT ZERO (/Zero/Fatal Frame)!!! Is amazing, stormed through the series from December to February, currently on new game + on The Tormented. Survival horror, why did it take me so long to discover you?

Reactions per game:

(Project) Zero

-where does the name "zero" even come from

did i miss something

-so glad I'd seen the second game before playing this one. I guess the revelation of Yae's identity works no matter which order you play the games in, but Yae (and Ryozo)'s fate was the thing that kept us guessing to the very end while playing Crimson Butterfly, and I'm not sure if I would have even remembered their names if I'd played the games in order.

-they really improved on how exposition is done for the second game. There's something almost embarrassing about how crudely the player gets the information about the ritual this time around, clumsily written and distributed notes that repeat the same thing over and over.

-I actually cared for the (living) characters this time around! Miku less so (that took me until the third game), but Mafuyu is kind of my favourite forever. At first he was just like "lololo pretty stoic man", but... he went to the mansion to try to safe a group of people, most of whom he only knows peripherally? And then he stayed there to try to put all the wandering spirits to rest so that they won't have to suffer and no one will be lost to the mansion anymore? And then, at the end, deemed himself expendable to ease Kirie's torment? Oh god he's like Yuna on a smaller scale

-Demon Tag: NOT HOW I WOULD HAVE TRANSLATED IT. I've seen playthroughs by several people, and all of them, as well as my roommate, who didn't know Japanese, just laughed at how the game was trying to be edgy with that name. (Maybe if they'd just left it as "tag" and then used "demon" instead of "it" whenever needed. It would have been a bit creepy at least.)

-long-armed man is so fucking creepy, I had to pause the game to compose myself both times he showed up.

-family head/ceremony master's animations were beautifully done. As well as refreshing, considering the movements of... basically every other ghost in the series.


The ending: ...Mafuyu is a good man, and everyone got closure except for the main character. Whoops?

Zero: Crimson Butterfly

-may i express my complete and utter adoration for everyone involved in making the hearth room scene, shit was scary

-so wait... all those ringing noises we heard in the tachibana house were Chitose desperately ringing the bell to call for her brother? .....oh D:

The ending: still perfect

Partly because it's the only place where anyone's voice acting is in the least believable, oh Mio.

Zero: the Tormented

-first reaction upon starting the game: "Sweet merciful gods I won't have to go to the Fish Tank Room EVER. AGAIN." Only five nights later, and my hopes were busted. DAMN YOU, GAME. Combined with the getting-stuck-in-the-hearth-room-from-the-second-game-with-the-goddman-Kusabi-chasing-you thing I can only conclude that there are no gods.

Nice of them to know which places disturbed the players most though, I guess.

-I was having serious time period dissonance issues because I was convinced that the TV in the living room is flat-screened. It took me until my second (=current) playthrough to notice it is... not.

-everyone ever in this game, crying crying ;_______;

-my roommate was my co-player for much of the game. This resulted in several amusing situations as she is perfect for bouncing stupid jokes off of.

*Rei runs downstairs...only to find a BLACK OUTLINE ON THE COUCH*
Roommate: ... D:
Me: Oh... oh god no
Her: What? D:
Me: We're going to need a new sofa. D:
Her: .....

-I KIND OF LOVE KEI LOTS AND LOTS. I had no real opinion on him until I went to speak listen to him in his sleep and he was like "Yuu... Mafuyu... Don't leave me behind...". That... hit pretty hard. Other characters in this game are defined by a single huge tragedy in their lives, Kei's whole life is one big tragedy. Everyone he loves keeps on dying! He dies too! Ghosts keep TAILING HIM OH GOD GET AWAY I AM NOT YOUR DEAD LOVER and he sucks at exorcising them! He only gets two alternate costumes! No one cares what happens to him! He's only good for moving drawers! ...To quote Frederica Bernkastel, "by the seventh time, it all becomes a farce comedy", oh kei

I might have whole folder of fanart about Kei's pointlessly tragic live. Kyouka is involved more often than not!

-Rei's story hurt a lot. ...Still hurting.

A lot.

-exploring the daytime house for more information about the characters and their feelings/situations was a welcome extra. Miku's character got expanded a whole lot more in the process (Miku ♥), and we got to know a lot about, well, Rei's pain in general. D: The first time she explores the house, bawwww

-kyouka is so gorgeous i don't even

-Most disturbing ghost this time around: crawling woman caught in in-between places. CREEPY SHIT

-I like how basically until the second-to-last cutscene they make the player think that the reason everything went to hell is because they let a man in the mansion and he disturbed the holy balance or whatever. (When they finally showed us what really happened I just went "....oh." in a very small voice. BAWWWW THIS GAME)

The ending: Only game in the series where I actually prefer the non-canon ending (...not that either of them has been confirmed as canon, actually, at least as far as I know?). Nothing fundamentally changes between the two, and there's absolutely no reason for Kei to die, considering it's possible to do the sidequest that on subsequent playthroughs saves his life the first time around.

Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

-So. I managed to spoil myself that Choushirou is dead on the eighth chapter (the reveal happens on the tenth chapter), how is that even POSSIBLE. I HATE YOU, INTERNET

-hospital horror is much less effective than rickety-old-house horror, I must say

-Ruka's family, bawwwww ;_; Sayaka is such a gorgeous woman, in so many ways. And Daddyyy

-I am now left craving the original versions of the first three games. Voice-acting was actually good in this one! Haibara You's in particular

The ending: ...managed to make me cry a little, which is a first in this series (discounting how I cried for ten minutes straight while listening to Amano Tsukiko's Koe some hours after finishing the third game, but that was after the fact). His face!

And since they were asking for it: Sakuya/You >> Sae/Yae = Mafuyu/Miku (thank you 3rd game) > Itsuki/Mutsuki >>>>>> Mayu/Mio. FACTS.