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“If I throw a ball at you I don’t expect you to drop it and wait until it starts telling stories.”

...I don't even understand these counter-arguments anymore. No, if you throw a ball at me, I don’t expect it to start telling me stories either!

However, if a game presents a ball-throwing situation as logical continuation of earlier game events (for example, perhaps the player character becomes engaged in a ball-throwing competition where only throwing the winning ball will make the opposing ball-throwers let them pass through a field where said ball-throwing is taking place), I do expect that, at the same time as it is expecting me to play, the game is also telling me a story.

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The essay was due in half an hour when I finally finished it. Relieved that I had made it in time, I scanned it over one last time while searching for the print button. It was at this time I noticed that the layout of the program was not one I was familiar with. "Microsoft Word 2007," I wondered. "And it looks like everyone thinks just plain gray won't do these days. What a shame."

Suddenly I stopped. Where was the printing option? The familiar printer icon seemed to have disappeared completely. But surely I would find one in one of the sub-leafs so graciously offered to me. The clock was ticking, but I was not worried.

No such luck - I could have played around with the fonts and colours as much as I liked, but the printing option alone simply did not exist anymore. Had I perhaps opened the document in some strange program not used for word processing instead? But the answer was just a glance away: Microsoft Windows 2007. This was all I was given, and it would have to do.

I found a space for quick options. Only "save" and "undo typing" were provided, but with my cunning mind I soon had added a new one, the only one available that could help me: quick print. So I clicked it. Unfortunately, as in all computers in this goddamn university, the default printer was one that didn't exist. To change it, I would need to access the main printing options. Cold sweat started to form on my forehead. I was back in square one, and the deadline was approaching.

At this point I threw away all pride as a regular computer-user and consulted google. Microsoft's own page was spectacularly unhelpful, as its guide to printing went, and these are the exact words, "Print is just like the print of good old Word 2003 days." WHY THANK YOU. In the end the answer to my prayers was found in a helpful youtube video, "how to save and print in Microsoft Word 2007", from which I finally, finally managed to decipher the exact location of the main menu, and---

Microsoft layout designers?

(In hindsight the fault is mine for not just blindly clicking in the direction of the upper left corner, but still, damn. MICROSOFT, THAT IS YOUR LOGO.)
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1) Why does almost everyone who watches Code Geass seem to think CLAMP is behind the story and the characters? "Character design" doesn't mean either of those two things. Also, whatever people say, CLAMP's stories all resemble each other, and Code Geass doesn't feel like them in the least.

2) I claim that all the feelings I might once have had for Prince of Tennis are long since gone, but there are still some things there that make me melt into fangirly goo. Like Ohtori/Shishido. And the cluster of pictures at the end of the Ohtori/Shishido manifesto. AAAAH GAY OVERLOAD.

3) Darker Than BLACK is sublime. Every short story arc is like a complete movie. All the side characters get such thorough characterisation they feel at least as whole and real as the main characters. And November 11 is like a personification of my feelings toward smoking! Gorgeous classy class.

[edit] Sometimes I wonder about the screencaps I take during watching anime )

and then

May. 21st, 2006 01:05 am
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So how does the saying go? "Hell'll freeze over before Finland wins Eurovision?" NAY SAYS I.
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To break the ice, two random facts about me;
One: occasionally when I pinch my left lower cheek, the back of my left arm starts to itch.
Two: [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants has helped me answer a question in Trivial Pursuit.
Now moving on.

Travelling hundreds of kilometres over the course of two days is pretty tiring, but anyways. This weekend was spent in playing the violin and singing. An actual practice for our lovely folk music band, Fiddle of Crath. Saturday evening Mom called me, and she had quite alarming news. Switching over to the next one now.

During winter, snow keeps on piling on roofs. All the intelligent Finnish architects design roofs that, as much as possible, prevent it from doing this. When spring comes, the snow melts away, but it comes down to the ground to do so - unexpectedly, quickly, and in large heaps. It's heavy. It's very, very heavy. Okay, and third one.

The roof of the other of our balconies isn't slanting enough to hold the kind of weight the increasing amount of snow creates in spring. This is a known fact in our family, but, to this day (or rather, yesterday) it's never so much as creaked. But this spring, this spring was an exception, this spring it didn't get warm soon enough so the snow kept on piling, and melting, and freezing, and then, when it finally got really warm, the snow from our main roof fell to the roof of the balcony, and--

So, in conclusion: we don't have a roof on our other balcony anymore. The roof is perfectly happy with its new position on our courtyard. It looks corny, lying there all upside down. The metal railing is bend. And god, it's so absurd, I can't stop laughing.

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