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in which I miss the point


I like various anime series, but anime is also the home of many of my most disliked character/story types (not that these following ones are rare in other media). Like the eternally positive (female) love interest with a lukewarm personality at best (hello Wako!), possibly some adorable character tics (hmmmm big eater).

And the main character who wins aaaaalllll the time (hel-looo Takuto!).

Gosh isn't it beautiful how he, with his eternal moral higher ground and sense of justice rises above all obstacles and beats the shit of all these other, more interesting characters who you like. He can counter any move if he's seen it once, you know! Even if you've been practicing your sport all your life - it's his special ability! No one else can improve AT SUCH A SPEED!!!!! (disclaimer: none of these things even matters in star driver, fixating on them means you have issues, shut up, me)

This is why I try to stay clear of most shounen anime. These things are not entertaining to watch. Every win, rather than endearing the character to me, only makes my dislike grow stronger.

Neither of these characters is necessarily a bad character, even, which somehow makes me even more peeved. There's no reason for me to dislike them, expect that I hate their roles in the story*. Not to mention that they might change in the end (not that it makes up for the present~)

Otherwise I like many, many, many characters, concepts in this show. Everything else is either amazing or amazingly over-the-top. But I can't stand two thirds of the main trio.




I also have many positive things to say, but those will have to wait until I get over the aftertaste of episode 16. His radiance. Never defeat, never surrender, and you would ~never understand~ what makes me hear the voice of the universe! (He actually said it. "You'll never understand." Evil cannot comprehend good? Too much time over at TVTropes? AUUHGHGHGHGGHGHGH)

*ok ok I also have one legitimate reason for disliking Takuto: the scene where, uh, Scarlet Kiss (?) breaks into his room and I can't even. I COULD RAPE YOU AT ANY MOMENT, YOU KNOW. LET ME DEMONSTRATE. AREN'T YOU GLAD THAT I SHOWED YOUR SLUTTY WAYS THE LIGHT, WOMEN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ~WALK ALONE IN THE NIGHT~

[identity profile] shimizu-hitomi.livejournal.com 2011-03-08 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
... I'm now almost ten episodes behind on this show. (Think I only got up to 11/12 or so.)

I was hoping though that Wako would get interesting based on some interviews at the time where the writer/director were dropping strong hints that not all is as it seems with her. And Takuto doesn't much interest me aside from the way they'd been handling the hints of his backstory up to where I last stopped watching (I liked actually that they seemed to be toying with the usual shounen hero tropes* -- but I gather not so much then based on your reaction to ep 16?); because of that he didn't really grate on me after the first two episodes or so, but yeah, that moment with Scarlet Kiss was kinda. uh.

* I figured he wasn't intended so much as a shounen hero as a male magical girl (who also tend to win their battles through ~*purity of heart*~ or whatever), but hmmmmmm. The ability to learn and adapt to moves at unrealistic speeds does seem more shounen.

I really need to catch up. Hmmmmm.

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Both Wako and Takuto do get backstory development, but it all felt... naturally connected to how the characters already were? No surprising twists or shocking new perspectives (on episode 21 as of writing this). ...Well, there are some new aspects to Wako's character that maybe weren't so apparent from the beginning, but how effective they are depends on whether you cared for her in the first place, I think.

And sadly, magical mecha bishounen seems to be doing things the old, tried way and the most subversive fight was against the school nurse. (Note: after episode 16 I started skipping large parts the fights, so I might have missed something.) They have been doing interesting things with the opponents, however... And outside of the battles, Takuto is for the most part perfectly tolerable, if not very interesting.

But try to catch up when you have time, you have many wonderful things ahead of you. The West Maiden arc was a thing of beauty.

[identity profile] lizard-little.livejournal.com 2011-03-09 07:05 am (UTC)(link)
I plan on watching this show. I really do.

(Then maybe we can gripe on together? 8D)

[identity profile] kor-pi.livejournal.com 2011-03-09 12:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Aside from Takuto the Patronizingly Invincible and Wako the Boring the show is so good that I hope we'll get to squee together too! WAAAATCH IIIIIT