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Oh god, I just had a brilliant, revolutionary thought. Sometimes when an author adds something to [their work] that might be read as homoerotic, they might be thinking that it's...

wait for it...

just as relevant to the story as all the other elements they have added. Like, even in a world where "yaoi fangirls" and "yuri fanboys"* don't exist as recognizable groups to "pander"...? The gay might still be there! Besides, I have the strangest feeling that sometimes even the fan-pandering type of gay can grow into something more serious. Just a... is it a "hunch" if it's based on direct evidence?

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Not that there aren't two sides to every argument. Shows that use gay for titillation far outnumber the ones that don't. But despite what people seem to think, instead of being happy about those meaningless moments, some of us find that annoying.

Point is, the next time someone dismisses something perfectly logical and in-character as a "nod to the fangirls", I will punch them through the internet.

*because these are the only two groups in existence, as you know that gay is only a heterosexual fantasy
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Just how would an asexual character work in the Utena universe?
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Couldn't resist ripping some music off the new CDs, so now I'm making the world a better place, one song from Revolutionary Girl Utena after another. This music is either so bad it's good, or so good it seems bad, but really, is good. Point is, here be downloads. )
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"To ride a horse into the black."

...was somehow a legitimate saying in my dream last night. It meant that doing something the easiest way could cheapen its value. I have no idea where the saying itself fits into the meaning. Thank you, my dreaming consciousness.

However! Perhaps something like this was only to be expected, considering what I broke my brain with last night.

A convenient list of things with which I broke my brain last night

For the Garden Where All Love Ends - A discourse upon the Black Rose Saga (an essay on Mikage and Nemuro)
Adolescence Mokushiroku as Burlesque (Adolescence Mokushiroku being the Utena movie)
Fullmetal Alchemist and Utena: Narrative Negative Space and Open-Ended Closure
Random Utena trivia & random Utena thoughts
To Make An Omelette You Need To Crack Some Eggs - Nanami's misadventures in adolescence and family matters
The Prince Who Runs In The Night - A complete analysis on episode 33
• [Fic] Fairytale Ending - "Anthy knows a story..."

and, surprisingly enough, something that has nothing at all to do with Utena

• [Saiyuki meta] The Mahjong Game 1/2 and 2/2 - a recommended read for any- and everyone who has seen or read the mahjong scene in Saiyuki.

[edit] I forgot! All those previous were just things that made attempts at breaking by brain; the following is what actually did it: the opening of the Sega Saturn game (Utena). Yes, it's an official video.


Mar. 11th, 2004 12:54 am
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O.o Must have.

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