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Today's lesson: Nabari no Ou. It is worth reading.

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I can't say that I understand why people criticize Final Fantasy X for its linearity. It's as if they had just learned a fancy new concept ("ooh, linearity in games! and it's a bad thing, check!") and started applying it everywhere without sense or reason. The whole point of Final Fantasy X is to make a journey from place A to place F through places B, C ,D and E. Not an adventure, a summoner's pilgrimage. Starting from her home, journeying through the temples, ending in the ghost city of Zanarkand. Travelling by highroads. Because they were made for travelling on.

It's like criticizing your school trip for being too linear - of course it is. It's the smart way to move. THE COMPLAINT MAKES NO SENSE.

And now, for something mostly different.

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Last evening I had a conversation with a friend about horror movies, then we played Silent Hill 2 for a while and I decided that it would have been much easier to just climb on the rooftops of those damn apartment buildings than try to navigate their impossible hallways, and the rest of the evening I spent drawing... questionable things.

Last night I had a dream where people were having sex on a rooftop while fending off zombies.


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Tomorrow I will go to the library, start compiling a portfolio, finish my programming demos and two translations. Tomorrow.

Today I will order pizza make food myself since delivery from my favourite place is not available today, damn, and play video games until I fall asleep. Because this past week has been hellish.

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Dear Squeenix, please stop it with the half-hearted follow-ups. No, I don't hate it when fans get treated nice things, I don't want to prevent anyone from having fun, I don't think sequels in general cheapen original stories - just these ones.

All of the original games I've played have been/were intended to be stand-alones. Somehow I doubt you're spending all the time necessary for making these add-ons not feel like they're stringing the story thinner. There were some originals made interesting or heart-wrenching by their more unconventional endings that the continuations completely ruined the mood for (X, X, X, X, X, X, and also VII somewhat). Some things are better left unsaid or unexplained. Knowing exactly how life continues on after big climactic world-saving showdowns is a huge letdown. Etc.

As much as I might like a world or characters in a particular installment, I'd still like to enjoy the original games as independent pieces of art, so this business is a serious turn-off. If you would lay off the unprofessional Rowling-esque self-indulgence and let the originals stand for themselves, I'd be happier. Make unofficial "fan"games or something if you really need to. Please.

~One miserable fan dreading what happens to the world of VI when you get to it in you remake spree

p.s. Due to various special circumstances (Tactics, Vagrant Story, attention to world-building and politics instead of highly highlighted character conflict, feels more like a history book than a fantasy quest), XII is exempt.
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Damn, don't know if I should blame hormones or something, but I just watched Lilo & Stitch and cried like. Three times. Ohana. ...And my feeble home keeps shaking as snow falls from the roof. Sounds almost as if a truck had crashed with the house.

Links! The awful history of Final Fantasy, parts one (I) and two (II). Be forewarned for rude and crude approach to subject matter (only to expected from a site called somethingawfuldotcom). At least I laughed. Maybe a little too much.

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