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first save yourself

Day 26: A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?

- Jessica/Kanon from Umineko. Their scenes together were almost painfully boring to read the first time around (and their character dynamic in general is nowhere near my favourite), but certain developments and *spoilers* in the last episodes have completely changed my feelings on them. Now they are the only pair that I am wholeheartedly rooting for (Jessica route is the best route!)

(Shroedinger's Umineko art is excellent. And full of spoilers.)

- and then there's this one pairing from Gintama. Kind of confused despite how:
1. I really, really dislike the idea of anyone inside the established groups (Shinsengumi, Joui, Yorozuya) having romantic feelings for each other
2. Katsura strikes me as pretty much the straightest character ever
3. Ikumatsu/Katsura is so amazing and I ship it like crazy, and I (almost) never ship outside something I've already chosen (cracky kind of thing exluded)

...I still have come to like Katsura/Takasugi???????

- I... wasn't overly fond of Anthy/Utena when I first watched Utena. Now I think it's the best thing in the series! With age comes wisdom, or something.

DAY 26: Favorite location?

"Welcome home, children!"

Nibelheim. Shit was crazy.

...Now that I think on it, my favourite FF places per game:

The abandoned Eblan Castle, Final Fantasy IV.

Mystic Forest and the ghost train, and Narshe afterwards from Final Fantasy VI.

Ragnarok the derelict space ship from Final Fantasy VIII.

Black Mage Village from Final Fantasy IX.

The long road to Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X.

The Necrohol of Nabudis from Final Fantasy XII.



Haters gonna hate.)

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