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Mar. 17th, 2011 11:26 pm
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That was perfect.
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1. ON what marriage is.

2. GUNDAM (spoilers: first season) )

3. Saw I am Legend. Should have ended fifteen to ten minutes before it did, because SADNESS. SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT OPEN.

End result: I've been hugging my dog every hour or so since. ....
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Cuts mean spoilers!

Toward the Terra )

Simoun )

Baccano! )

Toki wo kakeru shoujo, OR, Time Waits For No One

Watch it, if you haven't already.

This is how time travel works if the author's infatuation with ~the foreordained~ doesn't stand in the way of how causality really works. And the completely convincing feel of lazy summer afternoons with your best friends from high school. And the bewilderingly detailed art. Oh god, the background art.

Too bad about the ending. A little more compact and this movie would have been perfect.

Kino's Journey, OR, Socrates And Her Talking Motorcycle

What a shame about the poor art/animation quality. And the different countries' inhabitants should have been a variety of races instead of just the same old westerners. Same thing about the architecture.

Fix those two things and the outcome would have been excellent. This makes me feel superficial to admit, but they really dampened my enjoyment of the series.

Vandread, OR, Fuck You Too, MediaFactory

The worst waste of a series I've recently witnessed. Made worse by the first two episodes, which were hilarious! And tricked me into thinking it would continue the same! Then suddenly they start taking the gender stereotyping and the worldbuilding seriously, at which point everything falls flat on its face. It would have worked as overblown comedy. It didn't work realistically.

The least original main characters since I DON'T EVEN KNOW SINCE WHAT, NOW AND THEN, HERE AND THERE MAYBE, constantly rubbed in your face by how the supporting cast (or majority thereof) is actually entertaining! And manages to have the same depth with tenth the screentime!

It was painfully obvious that most of the story was build episode by episode. (And if it wasn't, the producers need to learn how to actually pace plot developments. The viewers aren't going anywhere! You're allowed to play with the story a little!) There were several storylines which would have worked a thousand times better had they lasted just a little longer, but no - the build-up for the main character's life-altering view-changing experience lasts exactly one episode. And it's hardly referenced to after that at all.

...On a plus side, the music was at least fun, if not exactly good.

Minami-ke; see: Series itself

Mako-chan and Touma: hilarious

Hosaka-senpai: I want one of my own

Series itself: just a plain depiction of the lives of the three sisters of the Minami household. Please do not get your expectations up.
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(Late, as I saw the movie in question weeks ago, but:) Lord Cutler Beckett is hot. I'm going to have to see the movie again just to admire his hotness. The tea-sipping, arranging of shirtcuffs (I'm pretty sure I saw this at some point!), wigs, and all.

I can't be the only one who feels this way.
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Chevalier 19 & 20 )

Sunday night was a movie night, and our movie of choice was Sunshine. First it was good, and then it wasn't. Still, the first half was so smart that I'm almost willing to forgive the last half for making stop caring about anything that happened.

Besides, it had Cillian Murphy, who is hot a decent actor! A decent actor, I mean.
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...was the sickest and most disturbing movie I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few sick and disturbing movies in my life. When I discover just which one of my very doomed brain cells was responsible for the idea of the movie being "an absolute must see of the season", it will get toasted alive. Slowly. With BURNING COALS. But oh, the images are returning to me.

And if that wasn't enough, on Monday afternoon I saw a young man riding a bike and playing guitar at the same time. I tried not to stare too hard.


Jul. 3rd, 2006 07:37 pm
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according to the dentist, my teeth are ridiculously awesome, and why shouldn't I believe her? I tend to forget to brush them for four to five days in a row and then remember but not brush them anyway and I've never had any problems of any kind. It's physically impossible for me to get cavities, it seems.

After the appointment I got straight home and watched that Final Fantasy movie, Advent Children, which made very little sense to me, as I've yet to play any of the games. Not much to say about it, other than the thought "Hey, this's kinda like a video game!" passed through my mind a few times. And then I realised that well, no shit. Sephiroth was majestic.

(I cannot describe in words how terribly disturbing this song is. That God is God song sent shivers down my spine and made me question whether it was really necessary to go downstairs at night, but it has nothing on this song.)
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After reading some reviews on Asian horror films, I made a list of those I wanted to see and headed for the nearest rental store. The selection wasn't exactly abundant in there, but I did find some of them. Dark Water and The Eye.

Dark Water was the first one I watched, and it was the more proper of the two. At least I could tell that it was supposed to be a horror movie. Its ending took the scare out of it; everything ended up all right. Good horror movies are supposed to be scary right until the ending credits start to roll, and/or save the best scare for the last! (Ie. the exorcism of that haunted house? Didn't really work after all, *insert maniacal laughter*)

The Eye was the one I enjoyed more, even if it wasn't really a horror movie at all. It reminded me of Tokyo Babylon and xxxHOLiC and Yami no Matsuei all at the same time (well, and the Sixth Sense too, but that's a given). The latter half was what prevented me from enjoying it unreservedly, because it sort of lost its... shine? The scene with the old man in the elevator, however, should win an award of some kind. It was damn brilliant.

On the whole, the watching rose more positive than negative feelings in me. Just lightly - neither of them was bad, but when I rent horror movies, I expect to be at least marginally frightened. So, the dish wasn't what I ordered at all, but ended up rather tasty in its own right.

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