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Ilona ([personal profile] korpi) wrote2010-12-06 07:57 pm

dear self,

6/12: Read the damn articles. READ THEM. (And the books too.) And translate that one text, you know which one. And prepare for Tuesday's class while you're at it.

Acceptable distractions: NONE.

7/12: That little e-mail you've been postponing for two months? SEND IT.

Additional tasks: you should have read all your materials by now. Haphazard notes and ideas don't really make for a review - write a working first draft. And don't forget to prepare for Thursday's exam. ...and for Wednesday's discussion hour.

Acceptable distractions: NONE.

8/12: Last class discussion, congratulations! And you have some sort of text ready by now, right? Polish it. Make sure it makes sense. It has to be ready by evening, because by then you'll be preparing for Thursday's exam.

Acceptable distractions: Christmas present brainstorming.

9/12: Exam! But tomorrow's the deadline for the review, so you can't relax yet.

Acceptable distractions: LASU program (but only if you already have something respectable done by now!), Christmas present brainstorming.

10/12: Deadline for the review. By midnight.

11/12 onwards: Final exam coming next Tuesday, two books to absorb by then. Good luck on that!

Acceptable distractions: Christmas cards. Etrian Odyssey, which I hope you haven't touched before now.

13/12: Robinson's guest lecture, you don't want to miss it.

14/12: Final exam. Christmas cards must be sent by noon.

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D: 頑張って~ 死なないで :((

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Good luck! *cheers*