Aug. 16th, 2009 05:51 pm
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please note the book


Nov. 27th, 2007 01:14 am
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Harry Potter in five seconds (OMG)
Reservoir Dogs in five seconds (Jesus.)
Lord of the Rings in five seconds (Oh Sam.)
Titanic in five seconds (THE MUSIC.)

... ...That's all for today.


Nov. 3rd, 2007 05:27 am
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Alanis Morisette's cover of My Humps versus Richard Cheese's cover of Down With the Sickness (ignore the video)!

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There was a violin camp. In the woods. We ate crabs. One girl came out of the closet about being a blonde. We learned that we suzuki violinists are retarded as a whole. Nothing new here!

Our teacher was wearing a t-shirt that read "not interested" for the better half of the weekend, which caused much amusement. In. Any given situation, actually. And we learned to play one concerto for four (crazy!) violins by Vivaldi.

The... special slip of the camp: "Vegans... I mean, cannibals."
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An interesting cluster of comments on [ profile] fanficrants:

"And all God's gay pets."

& Specific links to a hate meme of an extraordinary and beautiful sort:

To the KH2 fandom, from Saïx.
To God, from Lucifer.
General Rinoa bashing (my apologies). [Extra points for the Selphie.]
To people who read fanfiction of good quality!
Princess Bride, anyone?
To Jesus, from ME. Okay, not really.
Absolutely no spoilers for PotC 2.
Absolutely no spoilers for PotC 2... 2?
From Legolas.
To Ash, from Misty.
To the GW fandom in general, from the cast.
This one wins so hard. I can't tell what it's about without SPOILING IT. Ancient plays FTW. Four thumbs up for whoever wrote the reply!
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From a wedding invitation we were send, the rules of the party:

§5 We ask you to note that doorways with high thresholds are, in all actuality, windows.

And for everyone with a warped sense of humour, a crossover of sorts, of South Park and CLAMP's X ->
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Twas the time for an English composition again. These be the titles I got a kick out of.

1. Let your inner poet take over: Thoughts inspired by the night skies

What makes this title so mind-bogglingly weird is that it's right in middle of titles such as "science - philosophy" and "inventions of tomorrow!".

2. X-filesesque: Is the truth out there?

This title scares me. Also, I seriously wonder what the teacher would do if someone wrote a composition with just the words "It is." in it. Besides disqualifying the composition, of course.

3. Cross-subject: A portrait of a responsible consumer )

4. All work and no play... : Who needs therapy?

"My math teacher needs therapy. My dog needs therapy. My horse needs therapy. The government needs therapy. My mother needs therapy but she already got it. My little sister needs therapy. Etc." An easy way to write 150 words, all in perfect English.

Alternatively )

5. This title I might even consider: I would like to discover xxx (Insert your own choice)

I would like to discover God: an essay in 200 words. In the same vein: I would like to discover Kabuto (a reference to this). I would like to discover America - not. Seriously though, it'd be wonderful write about I would like to discover a bogeyman under my bed. ^_^

6. But then it goes back to: What is time?


Finally, the title I'm going to use (unless, of course, I decide to use the bogeyman one): Sci-fi turns me on / off (Delete one). It's tragic that the person who made the titles up felt it necessary to add that last bit in parenthesis. Sci-fi turns me on/off - on/off - on/off...
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So, everyone who has seen Prince of Tennis can remember those few memorable pieces of clothing, right? Especially the rosy one, without frills?

I almost didn't do this. I thought I'd break something doing this. In the end, I did it, but I had to stop at two. For my own health.

I... am so very sorry.

Cut for your sanity and mine )

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